About Spectrum IT Solutions


Bridging the gap between technology and people

Spectrum IT Solutions is a small group of IT experts providing solutions to our clients throughout the State of Texas. We believe in the power of properly implemented technology to deliver results for our client organizations. In 2014 we began to provide small, medium and non-profit businesses the technical resources of their much larger counterparts. We accomplish this by providing our clients with the access to a large variety of technical expertise through subject matter experts both in-house and through our vendor-partners. Together we tailor individual solutions for each situation to promote our client’s operations and growth.

Our mission is to help our clients accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex technology-related issues, and provide best-in-class knowledge and support.



Cost Effective

We provide our clients with exceptional value. However we work for our clients, we provide them with exceptionally talented and certified professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff.

Business Sense

Spectrum IT Solutions was created with the idea that in order to produce the best results, IT must be focused on meeting business objectives. That’s why all of our staff have a firm understanding of business needs.

Problem Solvers

Our company is built on being able to deliver clever solutions to the problems our clients face. As your IT partner, we dedicate ourselves to meeting your objectives through the proper implementation of technology.

Customer Support

Our clients have come to rely on our superior customer service. They know that we respond in minutes and keep them up-to-date regularly so they don’t have to guess on the status of a project or problem.

SMB IT Facts:

Small and medium businesses sometimes treat IT as an unwanted expense. That’s understandable with all the other challenges they face. However, embracing technology with a trusted partner can not only help you avoid disaster but when done right, IT can help a business become more capable, responsive, efficient and profitable. That’s what we do.

  • No IT Support 26%
  • Reported reputation damaging downtime last year 34%
  • Still use some manual data tracking 81%
  • No documented IT policies in place 62%

Get a Complementary Needs Analysis

Find out why our clients rave about our ability to integrate technology with their business processes to give them a competitive edge. Contact us today and we will arrange for a complementary review and analysis of your needs (no technical knowledge required). Because we want to show you how we work and what we can do, we will even work with your business for free for the fist month with no obligation to continue services!